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Alabama Right of Way Bond

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Surety: Merchants Bonding Company

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COUNTY RIGHT-OF-WAY BOND STATE OF ALABAMA Bond # __________________________ Effective Date __________________ Baldwin COUNTY OF ____________ KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________, as Principal, and ___________________________________________, as Surety, are held and firmly bound unto Baldwin County Highway Department the ________________________________________ in the penal sum of ________________________ _______________________________________________________(____________), for the payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, executors or administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. THE CONDITION OF THIS OBLIGATION is such that WHEREAS, the above bounden Baldwin County Highway Department Principal has made application to the __________________________________ for permit(s) for the purpose of _______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ and said Principal is firmly bound to construct the improvements on the county rights- of-way at the location(s) and in the manner shown on the Permit(s) and are further held and firmly bound to comply with all other conditions, requirements, restrict- ions, and provisions of said Permit(s). We do hereby further agree that we will restore to its original condition any portion of the pavement, shoulders or other parts of the county rights-of-way in the event that same is damaged by the Principal or his agents during the construction of said improvements and that we will maintain said improvements upon said rights-of-way in such manner and for such period of time as provided in said Permit(s) but in no event exceeding twelve (12) months subsequent to the completion of said improvements. In the event such construction, repairs Baldwin County and maintenance are not carried out in a manner satisfactory to the __________________ Highway Department Baldwin County _________________________________, we hereby agree to reimburse the said _______________ Highway Department _________________________________ for the cost of such repairs. IT IS FURTHER provided that this bond may be cancelled by the Surety upon thirty (30) days written notice delivered to the County Engineer's Department, provided, however that such cancellation shall not affect any liability which has theretofore become fixed, and shall not affect Permit(s) theretofore granted, the work under which has not been completed. SIGNED, SEALED and dated this the _____________ day of ____________________, ______. ________________________________________________________ Principal BY _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Surety BY _____________________________________________________

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