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Navigating Your Risks,
Securing Your Future

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Secure Your World: Home, Life, and Personal Auto


Your home isn't just an address, it's where your life unfolds. Your car isn't just a vehicle, it's your freedom. Your life isn't just a journey, it's your legacy. All of these are precious investments deserving of comprehensive protection.

Empower Your Business: Comprehensive Insurance Solutions


Whether you're launching a startup, nurturing a well-established firm, overseeing a small local shop, or managing a large corporation, your business is your lifeline. It demands protection as unique and dynamic as your entrepreneurial journey. Navigating the maze of business insurance and commercial auto coverage doesn't need to be a challenge.

Embrace Adventure:
Motorcycles, ATV/UTV, Campers, Boats and More: 


Navigate the unique coverage requirements of your recreational vehicles together; ensuring you can focus on the thrill of the ride while we handle the rest

Securing Trust: Explore Surety Bonds


Surety bonds aren't just a business necessity; they're a testament to your reliability and commitment to your clients. They build trust, open doors, and secure your place in the industry.

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500 New York Ave

Des Moines, IA  50313

Tel: 515.309.9500

Don't Wait for the Unexpected: Secure Your Future Now


Waiting until after a loss to evaluate your insurance policy can leave you vulnerable and stressed. Instead, proactively understand and manage your risk today. We're here to guide you through your coverage options, ensuring you're well-prepared for whatever life throws your way. Take the first step towards a secure future - reach out to us now. We can help you transform uncertainty into peace of mind.

Image of a damaged car, crushed under a fallen tree after a severe storm, illustrating the need for comprehensive auto insurance coverage.


Harry and Traci and Performance Insurance helped me save a fortune in professional liability insurance for my business. I used to pay a premium for industry-specific policies but I get excellent coverage now through a plan from Performance Insurance and it is nice that they are local. Whether I need more information about adding new professional services and finding out if they are covered or making other recommendations, Harry is happy to answer questions quickly via email. I especially love that if they don't specialize in something they will let me know!

Cassie S.

The Shoemakers run a great business. In addition to their notary supplies, they also provide a full range of insurance products. After many years with the same insurance company for my business liability policy, I decided to price shop when my business was expanding. Despite the business growth and need for MORE coverage, Notary rotary and NRI Insurance saved me over $1000 per year over the companies I had been using I switched both of my liability policies to them. They are quick to answer questions I have about insurance needs and Harry is very knowledgeable in different types of products and is quick to reply to e-mail inquiries. They are really involved in their community and encourage volunteerism. If you are shopping for insurance policies or notary supplies I recommend.

East Village Spa

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