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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Overview

A Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy adds an additional layer of protection to help safeguard your assets should your business become faced with the catastrophic impact of a large claim or lawsuit.

What happens if your business is sued and the judgment amount exceeds the liability limits of your primary insurance policy, or you have multiple claims and the limits are exhausted? Not having adequate coverage for lawsuits can leave your business exposed. Umbrella insurance can help address these risks.

Commercial Umbrella

The coverage provided by your Commercial General Liability, Commercial Automobile Liability or Commercial Employers' Liability policies should protect you in most situations. However, adding a Travelers Commercial Umbrella policy provides an additional layer of protection. This can include:

  • An affordable second source of protection for your business beyond your primary insurance

  • Provides higher limits of liability for automobile, general liability, and employers liability

  • Can cover exposure gaps by kicking in where your primary insurance ends

  • Not just for large companies; limits up to $25 million may be available for all small business types

Consider these liability risks:

  • A customer is injured when falling down slippery steps, causing injuries that require long term care

  • An employee in a company vehicle rushes through a traffic light, resulting in an accident that causes severe injury and property damage

  • During the course of a workday, one of your employees causes an accident that severely injures a vendor.

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